Since 2017, Ompractice has provided virtual group yoga and wellness classes for individuals and organizations at scale. 

For far too long proven practices like yoga were overlooked as a solution to massive population health issues due to the impracticality of scaling the in-person experience. Ompractice removes the geographic, financial, and inclusivity barriers to high-quality yoga and its many benefits and outcomes.  

Our platform is used and loved by teachers, studios, individual students large organizations and multiple health providers across the world. 

We are just getting started. 


MIIA Member: The convenience of attending an interactive, “live” yoga class from the comfort of my home is wonderful. To have the flexibility of practicing remotely any day of the week with such fantastic yoga instructors is a gift!

Molly K: I am away in Montreal and finally tried out Ompractice. I got to start my Saturday with an incredible yoga class right in our condo taught by an amazing teacher….Perfect for folks who travel, have young kids, or just not enough time to get to the studio and home again.