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Old Salt Merchants is a woman owned & operated provisions company born in the Victorian Seaport of Port Townsend, Washington, and currently anchored in Berkeley, California, near the Ports of San Francisco and Oakland.  

Much like the sailors of old that sailed the seven seas and ventured into lesser-known ports of call in search of the finest sugars, teas, spices, and other riches, Old Salt Merchants has an uncanny thirst for exploration and enduring love of adventure. We are a company motivated by our passion for food, whose mission is to develop and expand our customers' palates by providing an irresistibly unique selection of gourmet salts, organic sugars, healthy teas, and (soon) the most exquisite spice combinations you have ever tasted. Our cooking salts are a perfect compliment to your poultry seasoning, pork seasoning, steak seasoning, and BBQ rubs.