Hello friends of Magic Carpet Yoga Mats!

I'm Ji and this is my fur-child, Jack...We are really bad at taking selfies...

As an introduction, I am the new owner of this beautiful company that Sophie Leininger had started nearly a decade ago. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to inherit everything Sophie has worked tirelessly to create and to be adding new breath and energy into it creating a vision that is unique and one, I hope, you can join me in seeing through.

More to come in the upcoming weeks (we're so excited!), however for now, we wanted to share with you the new name -- Take Care Space. Take Care Space will continue to carry the magical yoga mats that you all love as well as new designs by additional artists and hand-made artisan products that will help create a space, even if in a 24x70 inches on the floor, for sanctuary and loving self-care. 

Below is a message from Sophie who I am so fortunate to have met and gotten to know as we transitioned ownership the last few weeks. I am and will forever be in awe of her spirit and creative energy I've been so lucky to experience in person!

Thank you for all your support and remember to always TAKE CARE lovelies!



Message from Sophie Leininger: 

As a lover of textiles, I’ve long admired the carpet’s ability to transform space and designate places of prayer, family, and home. I believe our personal practices and intentional rituals are deserving of objects that outline sacred space in this way. In my 8 years as Owner and Designer of Magic Carpet Yoga Mats, I have been honored to create over 20 designs inspired by the traditional carpet making craft. I’ve traveled the world collecting carpets and making new friends amongst towering piles of handwoven wonder. I’ve studied the textile traditions of my ancestors and connected to my lineage through the creativity of my craft. I’ve climbed to the top of waterfalls and desert rocks for photoshoots. I’ve cried and been more challenged than ever in my life. I’ve made incredible friends and met wonderfully creative, inspired people who have supported me and nurtured my vision. Simply put, Magic Carpet Yoga Mats has been inseparably woven into the gorgeous, imperfect tapestry that is my life. But most of all, it’s been making ritual objects for you, dear yogis, that has been the greatest gift of all.  When I met Ji Bowlus, I knew she would have what it takes to take the reins. She is inspired, vivacious, and deeply intelligent. Her passion for self care and social justice, combined with her appreciation for beautiful things and wealth of experience will be an enormous asset in taking the company to new and exciting places I’ve never even dreamt of. I am so honored for Ji to take over and can’t wait to see all the magic she has in store unfold. 

With all my love and profound, profound gratitude,