With intentional products, services, and experiences, we exist to inspire and support the journey of creating personal spaces to self-care and grow self-love. 

🌙 We create beautifully unique, eco-and-you friendly yoga mats (no toxic stuff like lead, latex, and phthalates) with each design an exclusive hand painted piece of art work. We use proprietary sustainable ink technology right here in California where we are headquartered to print vibrant colors that don’t run off and last years. The Magic Carpet Collection was the first line of products, however we’ve since expanded and excited to continue growing our offering of yoga mats and other magical products.

🌙We are nurturing a movement of like-minded humans who believe that true self-care is about building and maintaining authentic self-love through the TAKE CARE SQUAD platform.

🌙 We align with and lift up other purposeful and heart-led founders of independent brands and organizations - we refer to them as our BRAND SQUAD.




Love starts from within and everyone is worthy.

Size matters only when it comes to heart and spirit.

Diversity, inclusivity and acceptance drives everything we do.

Beauty is found in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Kindness, compassion, and empathy can change the world.

Life is about taking care of ourselves, each other and our planet.

Self-care is community care.