Founded in 2019, Take Care Space offers: 

  • Beautifully intentional products that honor the sacred practice of self care, including yoga mats with vibrant, hand-painted designs by Care Squad Artists and printed with sustainable UV cured ink technology.
  • Content that fosters and celebrates authentic joy, personal growth and resilience;
  • Socially conscious partnerships with aligned individuals and organizations;
  • Curated spaces and like-minded communities who inspire love and nurture the human spirit.


We believe that love starts from within and that everyone is worthy.

We believe that size matters only when it comes to heart or spirit.

We believe in diversity, inclusivity and acceptance.

We believe in the beauty found in all shapes, colors, and sizes. 

We believe that self care is community care.

We believe that kindness and compassion can change the world.

We believe in taking care of ourselves, each other and our planet.

We believe in you.


Ji Bowlus is the heart-centered, woman of color founder and Chief Care Officer of Take Care Space.

And she has made a career of connecting others and inspiring them to action. Bowlus spent two decades successfully leading Brand Partnership teams, leveraging technology, experiential activations, and relationships with talent to tell stories that impacted millions of people on behalf of her brand clients. 

Equally as meaningful, she has made a personal career out of learning how to love and care for herself which she says is a continual process. Ji’s story is one of recovery from trauma and the journey to self love has been her lifeline. 

“While I have no control of people, places, or things, I can absolutely control how I treat myself and others. These truths fueled my desire to create Take Care Space, a vision that is bigger than yoga mats, while also celebrating the idea that even a 24x70 space can be someone’s physical ‘Take Care Space,’ Bowlus says.