Taylor Jay Collection

Inclusion is the principal value upon which taylor jay is founded. The original problem our founder, taylor jay was addressing with her first collection was the fact that the fashion industry wasn’t catering to her body type and it truly challenged her self-esteem. There had to be a way to make women feel comfortable and confident in their skin. And she found the way.

The adaptability of our textiles and our generous sizing, combined with smart design features guarantee a favorable fit that can easily be adjusted to every body type for added style and comfort.

With universally flattering lines that make every woman feel beautiful and empowered, we make a passionate statement about inclusion.

Every woman has a personal style and every woman should be able to influence fashion and inspire fashion designers. We are every woman, and every woman is the taylor jay woman.

taylorjaycollection.com |  @shoptaylorjay

How to redeem:

Please forward your receipt to hello@takecarespace.com and you'll get an email from us with your unique code for 20% discount on any Take Care Space item as our gift to you. Easy, right?

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