Hey, we’re Mache. We design beautiful yoga mat stands that support your practice while honoring the planet. Made out of recycled materials, our eco-storage will keep your mat clean, tidy, and ready to unroll. Why? Because just like you, we love our yoga practice as much as we love the planet. And we believe hopping on the mat every day should be easy-breezy.

Mache is the result of 11 years of experience in earth-friendly, sustainable design. All of our products are handmade locally in the Pacific Northwest in small batches, and processed clean. We strive to make useful and inspiring goods that reflect responsible manufacturing. So not only is the final product eco-friendly—the fabrication process is too!

We strive to provide you with astronomical customer service and welcome any questions or concerns you might have. Please don’t hesitate to say hey, Mache | @hey.mache