White Sage Wellness


Inspired by the seasons, cycles & elements of nature, White Sage Wellness offers an apothecary of nature-based healing tools. From aroma-therapeutic anointing sprays to wyldcrafted feather fans - White Sage products inspire the senses & set the tone for creating sacred space.

White Sage is committed to the preservation and protection of the planet and all living beings - plant, animal, and person. Ecological consciousness, sustainability, and fair trade are core values that contribute to the high quality, vibration, and sacred intent of our creations. We believe that in order to gain the medicine and the magic from the plants, we must also do our part to protect and respect them.

All essential oil products are made with 100% natural ingredients - no synthetics, no additives, no preservatives. All oils & materials selected are cruelty free, organic or mindfully wild-harvested, and purchased from reputable companies that share our values of sustainability.


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