Love Always


My Lola calls me a gypsy, but really I am just looking for where I belong. In the mean time, I create artwork through tattoos, paint, and whatever else turns me on.

Today I find myself tattooing as my main practice. I love to collaborate with people and adorn them with a piece of art they can carry forever. I apply my tattoos using a hand-poke technique, which means I manually insert ink into the skin rather than using a machine. Sessions are usually filled with laughs, great music, and of course palo santo burning. By providing this method to my clients, I hope to give them a unique, intimate experience and beautiful long lasting tattoo. 

Currently, I am into tattooing original designs with the goal of further developing my individual style. Images I am most drawn to are, plants, animals, precious objects and, my signature spirit guides. I will always be open to creating custom work, as long as it falls in line with my esthetic.

 Love Always, 

Taylor Elyse Compton