• Tempest Tea + Affirmation Mug Bundle
  • Tempest Tea + Affirmation Mug Bundle

Tempest Tea + Affirmation Mug Bundle

Micro-blended teas from Old Salt Merchants and a beautiful 22K gold imprint Affirmation glass mug. 

Affirmation Mug: 

"I am" is a simple but powerful phrase that amplifies whatever words are behind it.

Our words are powerful! Empower yourself by reminding yourself that you are all of this and more. Affirmations work, if you work them.  Let this mug be your constant reminder and inspiration. Different set of affirmations on either side.

Perfect glass for all of your hot and cold beverages!

Glass mug with 22K gold imprint.

13 ounces




Tempest Tea

Clear the fog with our stormy breakfast brew.

Tasting Notes: Our most robust flavor, Tempest is a powerful blend of the finest, richest, Ceylon, Assam and Keemun leaves. Each pyramid sachet is loaded with an extra ounce of tea for the serious morning cup. Add milk to tame.

Ingredients: Blend of Large Leaf Ceylon, Assam & Keemum Teas


Enjoy by heating water to 180-190 degrees, pour over tea bag.  Steep for 3-5 minutes to your desired flavor.   

Sachet count: 15 biodegradable silk bags 

  • $ 38.00